Mental Health Training for Coaches

Mental Health Training for Coaches was created to meet the new Ohio HB33 requirements for coaches to complete mental health training.
The course is designed to help coaches maintain a positive mental health status, as well as better assist student athletes who might be struggling with mental health concerns.
Take this class online, at your own pace, conveniently offered around your busy schedule!
GET APPROVED NOW! This course meets the Ohio Mental Health requirement for coaches!

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Important mental health training for coaches!

Interscholastic coaches deal with countless traditional and contemporary issues that impact their mental health, as well as the mental health of the student athletes they coach. This course will help coaches identify causes of mental illness, learn specific coach issues that impact mental health, review tips to staying mentally healthy, help with common student athlete mental health issues, plus much more!

Online training provided by nationally acclaimed Professor of Sport Psychology and licensed clinical counselor Dr. Chris Stankovich!

Dr. Stankovich has been nationally recognized on ESPN, USA Today, and countless additional national media outlets for his work with student athletes. Dr. Stankovich has been a featured columnist for the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).

Loaded with key information, including a FREE Sport Success 360 book download!

Not only will you receive professional education from the course, but you will also receive a FREE download copy of Sport Success 360, loaded with all the latest information relating to issues interscholastic coaches commonly experience.

Hands-on tips to help you identify and assist mental health issues student athletes and coaches commonly experience!

Easy, affordable, and approved by Ohio!

Looking to get quickly and affordably approved to coach in Ohio by meeting the new mental health requirement for coaches? Dr. Stankovich provides coaches the latest findings, tips, and techniques relating to mental health and wellness, allowing you to maximize the coaching experience, provide student athletes an invaluable life experience, and win more games on the field by having fewer off-field issues to overcome!

Looking for additional professional mental health continuing sports education training?

If you are a mental health clinician, teacher, administrator, or coach looking to increase your knowledge about helping student athletes experiencing mental health issues, then check out Therapeutic Approaches to Counseling Student Athletes! Dr. Stankovich provides hands-on tips and strategies to help student athletes in this convenient, online course filled with instructional videos and a FREE copy of Positive Transitions for Student Athletes! Click here to learn more!

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Mental Health Training for Coaches

  • Mental Health training for coaches that meets Ohio requirements for maintaining a coach license
  • Online, learn at your own pace
  • Easy-to-follow content with links for videos and additional information
  • Free downloadable eBook: Sport Success 360
  • View Course Objectives
  • School group rates available